Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yesterday, while going through statistics on sales of books I’ve written and published on Kindle, I discovered that readers are scattered throughout the U.S. and Europe. I appreciate this wide readership through an electronic reading device that has accelerated sales of the work I do. This blog is a thank you note to readers who use Kindle and a notification that another book I’ve written, Silence Never Betrays, has been published on Kindle.

Briefly, Silence Never Betrays is about Hadrian Boswell, eccentric owner of The Oaks, an antebellum mansion in a small town in southwest Louisiana. Hadrian has a terrible fear of the dark and is an insomniac. He spends many nights frightening guests who visit the mansion, putting on weird costumes to scare them. Hadrian’s servant and companion, King, alternately despises and admires his employer. Because of Hadrian’s shenanigans, most townspeople shun him, as do famous artists and writers after they spend a few nights at The Oaks.

Waverly Bradford has been in love with Hadrian, despite their aborted marriage, thirty years earlier, since they attended art school together in New Orleans. Waverly, living on nearby Deer Island, visits Hadrian when he returns to Comeaux to renovate his mansion. However, the visit is short-lived. Hadrian stages a prank that causes her to flee from the mansion. Waverly vows to get revenge.

Meanwhile, Joseph Hollier seeks out Hadrian for art instruction, and they embark on a wild painting excursion to Last Island, a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. During a night boat ride, Hadrian damages his right hand trying to escape “cachemars.”

Joseph moves in with Hadrian, and King plots to get rid of Joseph; however, Joseph plots to get rid of Hadrian…and, perhaps, King. Houngans enter the scene, and Hadrian mysteriously falls from a second-story gallery of The Oaks. He dies in the local hospital, a despised and lonely man. Or is he really dead?

Other books I’ve written that appear on Kindle include: Chant of Death (co-authored with Isabel Anders, published by Pinyon Publishing), The Maine Event, Nothing for Free, Goat Man Murder, Flood on the Rio Teche (YA), and Martin Finds His Totem (YA) published by Border Press.

I look forward to the time when I can share thirteen books of my poetry on Kindle, many of which are already listed on

Again, bountiful thanks to readers who continue to show interest in my work.

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