Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The latest news from Pinyon-Publishing, the press that published CHANT OF DEATH, is that Gary Entsminger, publisher and editor, and his book designer/artist, Susan Elliott, have placed this mystery that I co-authored with Isabel Anders on Kindle. You can read the book on your personal Kindle reader which can also be downloaded on iPad, iPhone, PC’s, and Mac’s. Of course, if you love collecting books, you can buy the book in hard copy from Pinyon-Publishing and amazon.com.

Two Christmases ago I received an “electronic book” from my oldest daughter Stephanie and now have the convenience of traveling with books that fit easily into an overnight bag or in a pocket of a laptop bag. I think the alternative version of CHANT should please many readers who don’t have enough library shelf space in their homes and who are “peripatetic readers.”

Publisher Gary Entsminger and artist Susan Elliott are alert to the latest technologies in book publishing and have considerable expertise in computer-generated projects. They co-authored a book entitled MAKING THE MOST OF WRITEITNOW4 (a writing software program by Ravenshead Services in Scotland that has been cited by “Top Ten Reviews” as #1 among seven leading writing software programs). Gary has written nine programming books, as well as computer software, and Susan is a writer, painter, and ecologist with a Ph.D. in Botany. The partners stay abreast of the latest way to design and publish books for an informed reading public, and CHANT OF DEATH on Kindle is their first venture in electronic books – I’m pleased that they selected the mystery I co-authored with Isabel Anders for this project. You can read reviews and interviews about books published by Pinyon online at Pinyon-Publishing.com.

I’ll be inscribing hard copies of CHANT OF DEATH at Books Along the Teche in New Iberia on February 26, along with Carla Hostetter, author of WISH FOR A SINNER, a romance novel, and Victoria Sullivan, author of ADOPTION, a speculative fiction title also published by Pinyon-Publishing.

A birdhouse advertising CHANT OF DEATH was given to me by Betty LeBlanc, the hostess of a New Iberia Fortnightly Literary Club for whom I presented a review about CHANT last month. I’m taking it back to Sewanee and am sure the sparrows in the front yard will love it as a refuge. I hope some of the larger chanting birds won’t sneak into the sanctuary and do away with its residents. You’ll have to read CHANT OF DEATH, now on Kindle, to understand the allusion!

Bountiful thanks to Gary and Susan for making CHANT OF DEATH available on Kindle. And happy reading to all you electronic book fans.

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