Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Border Press announces the publication of Diane Marquart Moore’s latest book of poetry, The Ultimate Pursuit, which is now available. According to the blurb on the back cover, The Ultimate Pursuit includes explorations of a Persian transmigration inspired by the author’s lifetime readings of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and memories of Persia during her sojourn in this country, 1973-75.

This volume offers a brief glimpse into the culture and history of Persia in lyrics spoken by transmigrated souls, beginning with a rooster who crows day-long on the banks of a Louisiana coulee. The book offers a non-traditional excursion into a culture 2500 years old. The Ultimate Pursuit includes a section of poems about Persia selected from Farda, published in 2009. 

Moore’s deceased brother Paul painted the brilliant-hued cover and provided many paintings for covers of the poet’s 31 books of poetry. Rose Anne Raphael of New Iberia, Louisiana rendered the elegant, imaginative drawings within The Ultimate Pursuit.

During her sojourn in Persia, Moore wrote for The Yaddasht Haftegy in Ahwaz. She has also written non-fiction and young adult books about her life in the oil patch of Khuzestan Province.

A sample from The Ultimate Pursuit entitled “Unborn Tomorrow:”

“A lizard flicks his tail
against the dried mud wall,
always a wall surrounding the women
that men easily broke down;

she, receiving, still plays the lute,
her substance once a shrieking noise,
a rooster remade by the master potter
who gave her this garden —

the Holy Present — to live in,
a gracious trade,
her gowns as green
as the cypress in spring,

the purple desert
outside her window
a plot of dust
looming like tomorrow

into which she could become again,
a vessel broken into another face,
her veils cast down,
every former Self dying,

untrapped in one life
as she enters into dim awareness
of a mystical variance,
the moment of God.”

The Ultimate Pursuit is available online from Amazon and from Border Press, P. O. Box 3124, Sewanee, Tennessee.

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