Monday, July 1, 2013

Subscribers to this Blog

Dear Followers,
This is a message from the administrator of A Word's Worth, which may affect subscribers to Diane's blog. Subscribers to this website are notified of Diane's new posts through Feedburner RSS. Here's the rub. Google is discontinuing this service, meaning that if you use Feedburner to subscribe to A Word's Worth, your subscription will end. HOWEVER, you can choose another way to subscribe. I recommend It's free, simple to use, and will automatically transfer your subscriptions from Google's Feedburner RSS to Feedly.

I will do everything I can on this end to keep new postings coming to you. Diane appreciates her vast, worldwide readership and wants to make it as easy as possible for all her readers to get her new postings on A Word's Worth ( If you have questions/concerns, please email Diane at 

If you have your own blog, take note of this action by Google and notify your subscribers. Feedburner RSS is the most popular way to subscribe to websites, so, you will want to make the necessary changes.

This notice doesn't apply to the 10 readers who receive direct notice of Diane's new postings by email.

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