Wednesday, January 18, 2012

IN PRINT: Redeemed By Blood, a novel

For the New Year’s reading, my latest book, Redeemed by Blood, has been produced “in print” and will be available on in the next day or so. (I will update this post with a link when the book is available.) If the more-than-500 readers who took advantage of a freebie Kindle offer during a five-day period are indicators of reading enjoyment, those who like to hold the actual novel in their hands and to place it on their bookshelves should welcome this print edition.

Redeemed by Blood spans five generations of a southern family haunted by the ghost of a Civil War veteran involved in a black/white debacle, carrying the reader through the War Between the States, the rise of the KKK, and violence that affects several generations. Dade Green, in the form of a poltergeist, appears to each generation to warn them about the outcomes of racial prejudice. The surprise ending involving Dade’s great-great-great grandson brings resolution of a family issue and the release of a tormented soul who has witnessed all the horrors of war and slavery.

This novel may be the swan song of my novel writing as I have no book-length ideas or material left in my box of unpublished work, so I’m happy to offer Redeemed by Blood in the print version. It’s my 30th book, and I have plans to pursue my first love, poetry, this coming year. Sequels to this novel, or any of my other novels, will depend on the direction of “The Muse.”

Most of the writing of Redeemed by Blood occurred while I sojourned in Louisiana last year, with forays into the memorial park at Shiloh in Tennessee and visits to north Georgia for material. Pertinent research was also done concerning Virginia Military Institute, the Civil War, railroads in the old South, the transcendentalists, and material from two personal diaries.

My friend, Isabel Anders, who co-authored the mystery, Chant of Death, with me, has written a five star review of Redeemed by Blood for, which you may wish to read when you‘re considering buying the print or Kindle version of this novel. Here is an excerpt from Anders’ review: “Following the Green family descendants through to contemporary times, the author boldly captures the drama of the soul’s struggle and fulfillment of a life’s quest, believably inhabiting the growing consciousness of a diverse set of characters with vivid, masterful descriptions of unforgettable scenarios…”
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